Configuring UNIX Servers for Remote Studio Access

This topic explains how to configure a UNIX host to allow StreamBase Studio on remote machines to connect to and start StreamBase Server on that UNIX host.

Setting Up for Remote Studio Access

StreamBase Studio users on remote Windows or Linux client machines can connect to, start, and run StreamBase Server on the Linux machine where you installed StreamBase. For this to work, there are three requirements and one optional configuration.

The three requirements are:

  1. Remote users who connect from StreamBase Studio to a Linux host must have valid UNIX user accounts on the host running StreamBase Server (or a valid account in the domain that the server host is a part of, if domain logins are supported). Remote users connecting from Windows or Linux machines must provide valid username and password credentials to connect to the server.

  2. The sbd command that starts StreamBase Server must be locatable in the default PATH of users connecting remotely through SSH. This condition is automatically true if you used the RPM installation method for Linux. On Linux when you installed with the archive method, you must manually configure the symbolic link /usr/bin/sbd as described for LInux.

  3. Your Linux host must be running an SSH daemon with TCP port forwarding enabled.

    To enable TCP port forwarding, make sure the AllowTcpForwarding directive is set to Yes in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. In recent Linux distributions, the default sshd_config file leaves AllowTcpForwarding in its default Yes setting. Look for the following line in the file and make sure it says Yes; if the line is absent, make sure your version of SSH has a default setting of Yes for AllowTcpForwarding.

    AllowTcpForwarding Yes

    If you make changes to your UNIX host's sshd_config file, remember to restart the SSH daemon before allowing StreamBase Studio users to start connecting.

StreamBase supports both password and keyboard-interactive authentication to SSH on UNIX. The steps above configure your Linux host for password authentication, which is the default for StreamBase Studio and for sshd on Linux.

To configure for keyboard-interactive SSH authentication:

  1. Set the ChallengeResponseAuthentication property to yes in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and restart the SSH daemon.

  2. On every installation of StreamBase Studio that will connect to this server, open the Studio Preferences dialog with WindowPreferences. Open the StreamBase Studio tree and select the Launching page. Select Keyboard-Interactive in the SSH Authentication section.