Using Subversive in StreamBase Studio


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This topic describes how StreamBase Studio works with the Subversive version control system provided by

StreamBase Studio ships with Subversive, the integration to the SVN version control system, already installed. The Subversive distribution consists of two parts: the Subversive plug-in and Subversive SVN Connectors. Both parts are required, but only Subversive ships with StreamBase Studio.


The following instructions apply only to full installations of StreamBase Studio. If you configure your own Eclipse installation with StreamBase Studio plugins, you must provide the Subversive (or CVS or GIT) plugins yourself.

Subversive SVN Connectors are external libraries with their own licenses. You must download connectors from Eclipse Foundation member Polarion Software, at

You might automatically be prompted to download the connectors when you first try to access any SVN features. Otherwise, see the article Installation of Subversive SVN Connectors in the Subversive documentation.

In order to avoid displaying the Subversive Connectors Wizard immediately when Studio starts up, StreamBase has disabled the Label Decorator for SVN by default (whether you are using SVN or not). To enable SVN label decorations in StreamBase Studio, go to WindowPreferences, navigate to GeneralAppearanceLabel Decorations, and select SVN.

To optionally customize Subversive decorations, go to WindowPreferences and then to TeamSVNLabel Decorations. On the Icon Decorations tab, click the resources you want to display with decorations. In the Text Decorations tab, you can select and edit variable formats and prefixes to modify those decorations. For information on configuring label decorations in SVN, see the Subversive label decorations documentation at