accessing data
transaction locks and, Locking
Active, Partition States
active node, Partitions
migrating, Migration
adapters, Connectivity
endpoint, Endpoints, Sessions, and Services
service, Endpoints, Sessions, and Services
session, Endpoints, Sessions, and Services
administration, Deployment, Management Tools, Management Tools
geographic redundancy, Managing Nodes
service discovery, Discovery Service
Administrator, Management Tools
application, Applications, Conceptual Model
archive, Applications
configurable, Business Solution
discoverable, Business Solution
distributed, Business Solution
elastic, Business Solution
extensible, Business Solution
fragments, Applications
geographic redundancy, Business Solution
highly available, Business Solution
node deploy configuration, Applications
versions, Application Versions
application architecture, Applications, High Availability, High Availability
application::<engine-name>, Node Processes
application archive, Design Time
deploy-time, Deploy Time
design-time, Design Time
fragment, Design Time
fragment type, Design Time
asynchronous methods, Asynchronous Methods
distributed reference, Asynchronous Methods
execution ordering, Asynchronous Methods
overview, Asynchronous Methods
shutdown behavior, Asynchronous Methods
target object deleted, Asynchronous Methods
transaction isolation, Asynchronous Methods
availability zone, Conceptual Model, Availability Zones
rebalancing, Rebalancing


business solution
applications, Platform Services
context, Business Solution


cache policy, Cache Policies
always, Cache Policies
never, Cache Policies
sized, Cache Policies
default caching distributed object, Named Caches
default caching local managed object, Named Caches
default caching replica object, Named Caches
class upgrades
overview, Online Upgrades
versions, Application Versions
cluster name, Deploy Time
cluster upgrades, Cluster Upgrades
application versions, Cluster Upgrades
operating system versions, Cluster Upgrades
product versions, Cluster Upgrades
clusters, Conceptual Model, Clusters
commit, Locking
configuration, Configuration, Configuration, Configuration Notifiers, Configuration Notifiers
active, Configuration Life Cycle
active version, Configuration
audit, Configuration Life Cycle
class, Configuration
inactive, Configuration Life Cycle
life cycle, Configuration, Configuration Life Cycle
loaded, Configuration Life Cycle
notifier, Configuration
notifiers, Configuration Notifiers
objects, Configuration
removed, Configuration Life Cycle
replacing, Replacing a Version
states, Configuration Life Cycle
syntax, Configuration
type, Configuration
version, Configuration, Configuration Life Cycle
conflict resolution
instance added, Restoring a Cluster, Default Conflict Resolution
key conflict, Restoring a Cluster, Default Conflict Resolution
state conflict, Restoring a Cluster, Default Conflict Resolution
trigger, Restoring a Cluster
adapters, Connectivity
creating and deleting objects
extent not locked, Locking
high availability, Location Discovery
creating, updating, and deleting objects
state conflict during, State Conflicts


data distribution policy, Conceptual Model, Data Distribution Policies
data distribution policy binding, Conceptual Model
data mapper, Conceptual Model, Partitioned Object
distributed consistent hashing, Distributed Consistent Hashing
inheritance, Partitioned Object
partition assignment algorithms, Partitioned Object
round robin, Round Robin
detection, Deadlock Detection
deferred write protocol
disabled on remote method invocation, Deferred Write Protocol
discovery (see location discovery)
deferred write protocol, Deferred Write Protocol
distributed consistent hashing, Distributed Consistent Hashing
distributed objects, Cache Policies
(see also cache policy)
distributed reference
shared memory timestamp, Locations
distributed references, Location Transparency
distributed transactions
detected communication failures, Distributed Transaction Failure Handling
network errors, Network Error Handling
transaction initiator failure, Distributed Transaction Failure Handling
undetected communication failures, Distributed Transaction Failure Handling
distribution, Distributed Computing, Distributed Transaction Failure Handling
and transactions, Local and Distributed Transactions
(see also accessing data)
extents, Extents
heterogeneous platform support, Connectivity
life cycle, Life Cycle
listener migration, Connectivity
managed objects, Distributed Computing
master node, Distributed Computing
overview, Distributed Computing
read field, Reading and Writing Object Fields
remote node states, Remote Node States
TCP/IP, Connectivity
TLS, Connectivity
transaction deadlock timeout, Deadlock Detection
write field, Reading and Writing Object Fields
durable object store (see persistence)
overview, Durable Object Store
dynamic data distribution policy, Conceptual Model, Data Distribution Policies
dynamic discovery, Location Discovery
dynamic partition, Conceptual Model, Data Distribution Policies


endpoint, Endpoints, Sessions, and Services
engine, Deploy Time, Conceptual Model
relationship to node, Conceptual Model
start, Start Engine
stop, Stop Engine
suspend, Suspend Engine
life cycle, Engines
epadmin, Management Tools
extents, Extents
and locking, Locking


failover, Active Node Transparency
active node migration, Active Node Transparency
flush notifier, Flush Notifier
foreign partitions, Foreign Partitions
fragment, Conceptual Model, Conceptual Model


garbage collection, Life Cycle
geographic redundancy, Geographic Redundancy
administration, Managing Nodes
network bandwidth, Geographic Redundancy
network latency, Geographic Redundancy


HA (see high availability)
high availability, High Availability, High Availability, Geographic Redundancy, Geographic Redundancy
geographic redundancy, Geographic Redundancy
multi-master, Node Quorum
node quorum, Node Quorum
overview, High Availability
partition active on multiple nodes, Node Quorum
high availability objects
remote create, Location Discovery
highly available data
data mapper, Partitioned Object


Initial, Partition States
installation, Install Node
isolation level (see transactions, isolation)


JMX, Management Tools
multiple JVMs in a transaction, Local and Distributed Transactions


keep-alive, Detecting Failed Nodes
keepAliveSendIntervalSeconds, Detecting Failed Nodes
immutable and mutable, Keys and Queries
keys and queries
overview, Keys and Queries
kill, Kill Node
kubernetes, Kubernetes (K8s) Service Discovery


LocalDefined, Partition Status
LocalDisabled, Partition Status
LocalEnabled, Partition Status
location code, Locations
location codes
mapping to network addresses, Location Discovery
migration, Locations
location discovery, Location Discovery
locking, Locking
logging, Node Logging


machine, Conceptual Model
managed object
cache policy, Cache Policies
managed objects, Managed Objects, Managed Objects, Flush Notifier, Flush Notifier
(see also replicated objects)
asynchronous methods, Asynchronous Methods
caching, Named Caches
durability, Durability
engine restart, Durability
explicit deletion required, Life Cycle
keys, Keys and Queries
life cycle of, Life Cycle
machine restart, Durability
node or machine failure, Durability
node restart, Durability
overview, Managed Objects
queries, Keys and Queries
management, Platform Services
nodes, Managing Nodes
management tools, Management Tools
force replication, Migration
Migrating, Partition States
master node, Locations


named cache, Named Caches
adding a class, Cache Association
inheritance, Cache Association
network addresses
mapping to location codes, Location Discovery
node, Deploy Time, Managing Nodes
installation, Install Node
kill, Kill Node
life cycle, Nodes
logging, Node Logging
processes, Node Processes
remove, Remove Node
start, Start Node
state change notifiers, Remote Node State Change Notifiers
stop, Stop Node
terminate, Terminate Node
node deploy configuration, Deploy Time
node names
with highly available create, Location Discovery
node quorum
disabled, Disabling Node Quorum
minimum number of votes, Node Quorum
percentage of votes, Node Quorum
recovering partitions with multiple active nodes, Disabling Node Quorum
states, Node Quorum States
node quorum state
Active, Node Quorum States
Disabled, Node Quorum States
Partial, Node Quorum States
node state
Discovered, Remote Node States
Down, Remote Node States
Duplicate Location, Remote Node States
Duplicate Timestamp, Remote Node States
In Down Notifier, Remote Node States
In Up Notifier, Remote Node States
Undiscovered, Remote Node States
Unsupported Protocol, Remote Node States
Up, Remote Node States
nodes, Conceptual Model
detecting failure of, Detecting Failed Nodes
failure detection interval, Detecting Failed Nodes
identification of, Locations
location code, Locations
migrating partition, Migration
naming, Locations
timestamp, Locations
transaction spanning of, Local and Distributed Transactions
transparent access to active node, Active Node Transparency
nonResponseTimeoutSeconds, Detecting Failed Nodes
transaction, Transaction Notifiers


object flushing
distributed object, Object Flushing
local object, Object Flushing
notifier, Flush Notifier
replica object, Object Flushing
throttling, Object Flushing
object identity, Location Transparency
object locking (see migration)
object references, Distributed Computing
distributed, Location Transparency
location transparency of, Location Transparency
network location of, Locations
representation on multiple nodes, Distributed Computing


partition, Conceptual Model
active node, Partitions
disable, Enabling and Disabling Partitions
enable, Enabling and Disabling Partitions
foreign, Foreign Partitions
objects in disabled partition, Enabling and Disabling Partitions
remote define, Remotely Defined and Enabled Partitions
remote enable, Remotely Defined and Enabled Partitions
replica node, Partitions
partition failover
node list updates, Failover
partition state, Partition States
active, Partition States
initial, Partition States
migrating, Partition States
notifiers, Partition State Change Notifiers
replicating, Partition States
unavailable, Partition States
updating, Partition States
partition status, Partition Status
LocalDefined, Partition Status
LocalDisabled, Partition Status
LocalEnabled, Partition Status
RemoteDefined, Partition Status
RemoteEnabled, Partition Status
partitioned data
rebalancing, Rebalancing
partitioned object, Partitioned Object
partitions, Partitions
active node transparency, Active Node Transparency
are never removed, Defining Partitions
definition of, Defining Partitions
failover, Failover
inconsistent node lists, Defining Partitions
migrating, Migration
redefining, Defining Partitions
restore, Restore
and distributed deadlock detection, Deadlock Detection
transaction, Prepare
versions, Product Versions
proxy discovery, Location Discovery
proxy service discovery, Proxy Discovery
limitations, Proxy Discovery


distributed, Keys and Queries
explicit transaction locking, Keys and Queries
locking when remote object returned, Keys and Queries
scope audit, Keys and Queries
scoping, Keys and Queries
quorum policy, Conceptual Model


RemoteDefined, Partition Status
RemoteEnabled, Partition Status
remove, Remove Node
replica data, Partitions
replica node
migrating, Migration
replica nodes, Partitions
Replicating, Partition States
replication, Replication
asynchronous, Replication
asynchronous consistency errors, Replication
asynchronous modifications always done on active node, Replication
synchronous, Replication
synchronous modifications, Replication
replication node
error handling, Error Handling
rollback, Locking
due to deadlock, Deadlock Detection
for automatic state conflict resolution, State Conflicts
logging, Transaction Logging


secondary store, Durable Object Store
security, Security
serialVersionUID, Application Versions
service, Endpoints, Sessions, and Services
service discovery, Discovery Service
network protocol, Network Architecture
properties, Discovery Service
proxy service discovery, Proxy Discovery
waiting for responses, Network Architecture
service name, Service Names
fully qualified, Service Names
partially qualified, Service Names
service type
distribution, Service Types
eventflow, Service Types
http, Service Types
liveview, Service Types
node, Service Types
webservice, Service Types
session, Endpoints, Sessions, and Services
split-brain (see multi-master)
Spotfire StreamBase
JVM, What is Spotfire StreamBase?
start, Start Node, Start Engine, Start Web Service
state conflicts, State Conflicts
static data distribution policy, Conceptual Model, Data Distribution Policies
static partition, Conceptual Model
stop, Stop Node, Stop Engine, Stop Web Service
suspend, Suspend Engine
swcoord, Node Processes
system management, System Management, Security, Security
security, Security
target, System Management
System::administration, Node Processes
System::swcoordadmin, Node Processes


terminate, Terminate Node
transaction isolation
extents, Isolation
objects, Isolation
read committed snapshot, Isolation
read consistency, Isolation
serializable, Isolation
transactions, Transactions, Transaction Logging, Transaction Logging
distributed, Local and Distributed Transactions
failover processing, Active Node Transparency
global transaction spanning nodes, Local and Distributed Transactions
history record size, Distributed Transaction Failure Handling
isolation, Isolation, Locking
local vs distributed, Local and Distributed Transactions
locking behavior, Locking
logging, Transaction Logging
outcome voting, Distributed Transaction Failure Handling
overview, Transactions
scope, Transactions
transaction outcome voting history buffer configuration, Distributed Transaction Failure Handling
triggers, Triggers
detecting changes, Detecting Version Changes


service discovery, Network Architecture
Unavailable, Partition States
Updating, Partition States
do no harm policy, Error Handling
error handling, Error Handling
most current version makes right, Object Upgrades
non-transparent changes, Object Upgrades
read error handling, Error Handling
transparent changes, Object Upgrades
write error handling, Error Handling


web service
start, Start Web Service
stop, Stop Web Service
web services
life cycle, Web Services


XA integration
transaction, Prepare