Administration Guide

This guide describes configuring, managing, and deploying TIBCO StreamBase® and TIBCO StreamBase applications.


Deploying StreamBase Applications
Deploying Applications
Application Bundling
Precompiled Application Archives
StreamBase Server Configuration Files
Server Configuration File Overview
Creating New Server Configuration Files
Server Configuration File Editor
How StreamBase Studio Uses Server Configuration Files
Using Modular Configuration Files
StreamBase Deployment Files
Deployment File Overview
Creating New Deployment Files
Deployment File Editor
Monitoring and Profiling Applications
TIBCO StreamBase Manager
StreamBase Monitor
JMX Monitoring
Using Containers
Container Overview
Using Control Stream Features
Container Connections
Connecting Container Streams Through JMS
Connecting Container Streams To a CSV File
StreamBase Logging
Using StreamBase Logging
Server Background Mode and Logging
Server as a Windows Service
Running StreamBase Server as a Windows Service
StreamBase Registry Keys on Windows
Configuring Windows Service with Authentication
High Availability and Clustering with StreamBase
Primer on Clustering and HA Using StreamBase
Designing Applications for High Availability
Automatic HA
Tuning StreamBase Applications
StreamBase Execution Order and Concurrency
Concurrency Options
Dispatch Styles
StreamBase Tuning Tips
Java VM Memory Settings
Using Zing
Garbage Collection Policy Settings
Capacity Planning
Security Options for StreamBase Applications
Using LDAP Authentication
Using the Proxy Server
Configuring the Proxy Server
Running the Proxy Server
Using StreamBase Server Simple Authentication
Enciphering Passwords and Parameter Values