Test/Debug Guide

Document Conversion Incomplete

The StreamBase Test/Debug Guide for the most part still describes the StreamBase 7.6 feature set. Many features are the same in StreamBase 7.6 and 10.0, such as creating and using feed simulations. However, everything to do with running and configuring StreamBase applications is very different in StreamBase 10, and this Guide should not be relied for that information on yet.

In particular, the sbconf configuration file format is now replaced with the HOCON configuration file format. StreamBase Deployment file functionality was replaced with new StreamBase Runtime node installation and starting concepts. See the Getting Started Guide for a StreamBase 10 overview.

This Guide is expected to be thoroughly converted to describe StreamBase 10 features in upcoming releases.

The following topics explain how to use the SB Test/Debug perspective in TIBCO StreamBase® Studio to run your StreamBase application and verify that it is functioning as expected, and explains how to use the related command-line utilities.