Spotfire Streaming 11.1 Documentation

Follow links on this page to learn about Spotfire® Streaming as of release 11.1.0.


Welcome Guide  What is Spotfire Streaming? License information; contacts; glossary. Release Notes  for current and previous releases. Installation Guide  Supported platforms, installation notes, JDK requirements, and Migration Guide.
Concepts Guide  Overview of terms and concepts. StreamBase Getting Started  Building and running a simple application. LiveView Getting Started  Configuring and managing live streaming data into queryable tables.

Authoring and Configuration

EventFlow Authoring Guide  Using StreamBase Studio to develop StreamBase EventFlow modules. Test/Debug Guide  Running and debugging EventFlow and LiveView modules in StreamBase Studio.
Configuration Guide  Writing configuration files in HOCON format that define the parameters of a deployable application. LiveView Development Guide  Configuring LiveView tables, and managing the incoming data.


StreamBase Administration Guide  Logging, monitoring, tuning, Docker, security, troubleshooting. LiveView Administration Guide  Considerations for maintaining one or more LiveView servers.

StreamBase Runtime

Architecture Guide  Deep dive into the StreamBase Runtime structure to help you plan for and organize your distributed applications. StreamBase Runtime Administration Guide  Configuring and managing distributed and highly available applications.
StreamBase Runtime Performance Tuning Guide   Provides information needed to design, monitor, and improve the performance of Spotfire Streaming applications. StreamBase Runtime System Sizing Guide  How to size systems for deploying distributed Spotfire Streaming applications.

Adapters and Samples

Adapters Guide  Reference description for configuring and using each StreamBase and LiveView adapter. LiveView Adapters  StreamBase adapters that interact with LiveView applications using the LiveView Client API.
Samples Guide  Instructions for running the samples that illustrate different features of Spotfire Streaming. LiveView Samples  README files that describe how to use the LiveView samples.

APIs for Clients and Extensions

API Guide  An overview of developing client and monitor applications, as well as custom functions, operators, and adapters.
Java Client API  Javadoc reference for the Java Client library. StreamBase and LiveView. .NET Client API  Reference for the Streaming .NET Client library. StreamBase and LiveView; provided on Windows systems only.

StreamBase C++ Client API  Doxygen reference for the C++ Client library.

StreamBase Python Client API  Reference for the Streambase Python Client library. Provided on Linux systems only.
LiveView Python Client API  Reference for the LiveView Python Client Library. LiveView JavaScript Client API  Allows you to develop LiveView clients and custom user interfaces.
LiveView REST API  Allows you to use REST calls to query from, manage alerts in, and publish to LiveView tables.  


EP Commands  References for the epadmin command, used to manage runtime fragments, applications, nodes, and clusters; and for the epdev command, used to manage Maven resources. StreamBase Command Reference  References for the legacy command-line tools used to manage StreamBase and LiveView modules.
StreamBase Expression Language Features  Syntax description of the StreamBase expression language. StreamBase Expression Language Functions  Reference for every expression language function.
StreamBase References  A collection of references for using and developing for StreamBase applications. LiveView References  A collection of references for using and developing LiveView applications. StreamBase Studio Reference Guide  Reference for using the menus, buttons, views, editors, and perspectives in StreamBase Studio.
LiveQL Reference  Reference for the LiveQL query language for LiveView. LiveView Aggregation Function Reference  The aggregation functions used as part of LiveView queries. LiveView Configuration Schema Reference  Graphical documentation for the XSD schema that defines the LiveView lvconf XML format.


This is edition 11.1.0 e1205cb9 of the Spotfire Streaming documentation set.