Legacy Command Maps

This page provides a reference for mapping legacy StreamBase sb* commands to their epadmin equivalents.

Migrating to epadmin

For StreamBase 10, the epadmin command replaces the legacy sb* command line tools. The epadmin command is aware of StreamBase Runtime concepts such as nodes, clusters, and availability zones.

By contrast, the legacy tools can only connect to a running StreamBase server through its StreamBase URI that begins with sb:// or sbs://. Likewise, the legacy tools connect to a LiveView server through its LiveView URI that begins with lv:// or lvs://. The legacy tools remain available to use within those limitations.

The epadmin command provides full support for service names, multi-node, and multi-engine commands. It is a best practice to migrate any use of the legacy commands to epadmin.

Mapping sbc to epadmin Commands and Targets

sbc Command epadmin Command epadmin Target Notes
sbc checkLicense Not supported by epadmin. Runtime license checks are not part of StreamBase 10.
sbc deq dequeue stream  
sbc dequeue dequeue stream  
sbc describe adapter‑path display adapter Adapter details.
sbc describe container‑path display container Container details.
sbc describe operator‑path display operator Operator details.
sbc describe QueryTable‑path display querytable Query Table details.
sbc describe stream‑path display stream Stream details.
sbc enq enqueue stream  
sbc enqueue enqueue stream  
sbc getDynamicVariable get dynvar  
sbc setDynamicVariable set dynvar  
sbc list adapter‑path display adapter Adapter details.
sbc list container‑path display container Container details.
sbc list operator‑path display operator Operator details.
sbc list QueryTable‑path display querytable Query Table details.
sbc list stream‑path display stream Stream details.
sbc readTable read querytable  
sbc status display adapter Adapter details.
sbc status display operator Operator details.
sbc status display node Node details.
sbc typecheck Not supported by epadmin. Use typecheck in Studio.

Mapping sbadmin to epadmin Commands and Targets

sbadmin Command epadmin Command epadmin Target Notes
sbadmin addContainer add container  
sbadmin getLeadershipStatus Not supported by epadmin. Legacy HA is deprecated. Use StreamBase 10 HA services.
sbadmin getOperatorProperty get tunable operator category.
sbadmin killAllConnections close connection  
sbadmin killConnection close connection  
sbadmin listConnections display connection  
sbadmin manageJdbcConnections display connection With the --type=jdbc parameter.
sbadmin modifyContainer modify container  
sbadmin removeContainer remove container  
sbadmin restart restart container Restart container.
sbadmin restart stop, start adapter Restart adapter.
sbadmin restartContainer restart container  
sbadmin resume resume container Resume container.
sbadmin resume resume adapter Resume adapter.
sbadmin setLeadershipStatus Not supported by epadmin. Legacy HA is deprecated. Use StreamBase 10 HA services.
sbadmin setOperatorProperty set tunable operator category.
sbadmin shutdown stop container Stop container.
sbadmin shutdown stop adapter Stop adapter.
sbadmin suspend suspend container Suspend.
sbadmin suspend suspend adapter Suspend adapter.

Mapping Other Legacy Commands to epadmin Targets

The sbcipher command is fully deprecated. Do not use it to encipher strings in configuration files. However, strings previously enciphered by sbcipher are recognized and deciphered.

Legacy Command epadmin Command epadmin Target Notes
sbcipher  DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE encrypt secret This command works with a master secret for the node, as described in encrypt.

Strings previously encrypted with sbcipher can be copied as-is into configuration files, and continue to be decrypted. Thus the sbcipher format continues to be recognized. However, do not continue to use sbcipher to encrypt strings; use the epadmin encrpypt secret command as part of Spotfire Streaming's comprehensive, node- and cluster-aware security model.

sbfeedsim for playing feed simulation files start playback The playback target also has display, pause, resume, set, start, and wait commands.
sbfeedsim for generating a feed simulation Not supported on the epadmin command line. As an alternative, you can create and play a feed simulation file that has the schema of the desired input stream and Generation Method set to Default or Custom.
sbrecord to capture .sbrec and .csv files from output streams start record The record target also has stop and display commands.