Target Categories

The list of epadmin targets generated by epadmin help targets is in alphabetic order. As an alternative listing, the following tables organize the targets into categories to help you find the target of interest. The targets configuration and logging appear in more than one category.

Features of EventFlow Modules and Engines
adapter Manages StreamBase embedded adapters.
connection Displays or closes client and JDBC connections to an EventFlow fragment.
container Manages StreamBase containers in an EventFlow module.
dynvar Manages EventFlow dynamic variables.
logging Manages Logback logging for running engines.
operator Manages StreamBase operators in a running EventFlow module.
playback Manages playback sessions of EventFlow feed simulations.
querytable Shows a list of and reads from EventFlow Query Tables.
record Creates an old format EventFlow feed simulation by recording a module's input streams.
router Displays information about distributed router operators.
stream Enqueues to or dequeues from streams in an EventFlow module.
Engines, Nodes, and Web Services
application Displays StreamBase application information.
artifact Manages Artifact Distribution Service features.
configuration Manages configuration of a running node.
engine Manages StreamBase Runtime engines in a node.
logging Manages Logback logging for running engines.
node Manages the life cycle of nodes.
snapshot Creates a diagnostic snapshot of an active or failed node.
systemservice Manages installation of a StreamBase application to run as a system service on Microsoft Windows.
web Manages a node's web server and deployed web services.
Node Security
authentication Displays, updates, and resets the local authentication realm for a node.
configuration Manages configuration of a running node.
password Changes user passwords in the local authentication realm.
realm Backs up, restores, and administers local authentication realms.
secret Creates and loads the master secret for a node and encrypts sensitive strings.
trusted Shows trusted host information for a node or cluster.
user Manages usernames in a local authentication realm.
Clusters and High Availability
availabilityzone Manages StreamBase Runtime availability zones.
cluster Manages StreamBase Runtime clusters.
configuration Manages configuration of a running node.
globaltransaction Manages global transactions.
partition Displays partition information for a node or cluster.
services Displays, browses, and verifies the StreamBase Runtime service environment.
StreamBase Runtime Metrics, Statistics, and Tunable Variables
history Shows recent transaction, CPU usage, and shared memory metrics.
metric Displays, reads, and resets performance metrics captured by running nodes.
statistics Manages the collection and display of node performance statistics.
tunable Manages the tunable variables for an EventFlow engine.
Transactional Memory
breakpoint Manages breakpoints in global transactions.
cache Manages named caches of managed objects.
globaltransaction Manages global transactions.
object Loads and exports managed objects in CSV, XML, or JSON file formats.
version Shows the current StreamBase Runtime version.