Studio Reference Guide

TIBCO StreamBase® Studio is based on Eclipse, and shares many features that Eclipse users will find familiar. You can find information about common features in Eclipse Help, in the Workbench User Guide and Java Development User Guide. On the Web, you can find the same documentation at The topics in this guide provide details about the graphical interface features that are particular to StreamBase Studio, and its views and perspectives.


Studio Reference Pages
Studio Preference Settings
Studio Perspectives Overview
Studio Menu Reference
Studio Toolbar Reference
Studio Button Reference
Studio Keyboard Shortcuts
Studio Tips and Tricks
EventFlow Editor Reference
EventFlow Editor Canvas
EventFlow Editor Command Reference
EventFlow Editor Definitions Tab
EventFlow Editor Parameters Tab
EventFlow Editor Dynamic Variables Tab
EventFlow Editor Annotations Tab
EventFlow Editor Metadata Tab
EventFlow Editor Read-Only Canvas
LiveView Configuration File Editor Reference
LVconf Type: Application
LVconf Type: Data Table
LVconf Type: Expression Macro
LVconf Type: External Server Connection
LVconf Type: Publisher Type
LVconf Type: Table Space
SB Authoring Perspective
Package Explorer View
StreamSQL Editor
Interface Editor
StreamBase Server Configuration File Editor
StreamBase Deployment File Editor
Compare Editor View
Decision Table Editor
Palette View
Module Explorer View
Properties View
Typecheck Errors View
StreamBase Extension Points View
Module Call Hierarchy View
Outline View
LiveView Project Viewer
JMS and TIBCO EMS Configuration Editor
Thomson Reuters Schema Designer View
Thomson Reuters RFA/Java Configuration Wizard
FIX Schema Designer View
Decision Table Analyzer View
SB Test/Debug Perspective
Manual Input View
Feed Simulations View
Feed Simulation Editor
Recordings View
Application Output View
Application Input View
Profiler View
Eclipse-Supplied Views
SB Manager Perspective
SB Trace Debugger Perspective
SB Demos Perspective
Error Log View
Problems View